4th Year Research Seminar

  • The fourth year research seminar is a new feature of the Chemical Biology Ph.D. Program in 2011, and evolved out of the former seminar requirement. This requirement is designed to give advanced students an opportunity to present their thesis research in a formal setting, to acquire feedback on their work, and further strengthen their scientific presentation skills. The timing of this requirement (late spring of the fourth year) was selected in order to align with the time that students commonly are giving talks at scientific conferences and/or are starting to prepare for job or postdoctoral interviews.
  • All of the program fourth year students will give their seminars on the same day (or days). This will typically occur in May, and be named "Seminar Day". The event will be open to the Chemistry Department and the broader campus community, and will serve to showcase the outstanding research being pursued by students and faculty in the Chemical Biology Program. Students will each give a 30-35 minute talk, followed by a question and answer period. A panel of Chemical Biology faculty (and potentially an external visitor) will evaluate the talks. At the end of Seminar Day or soon thereafter, two awards will be announced by the panel for the two best student talks that year. We anticipate many great seminars, and these awards will be highly competitive.