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Preliminary Examination

The Preliminary Research Examination consists of an oral and written defense of the student's thesis project and occurs by the end of January of the second year. The student gives an oral presentation on background material, the plan of research, and results to date to their committee who will evaluate the oral presentation, the written report, and student's overall progress to date.


Format for Preliminary Research Report

Download instructions (.docx) for the preparation of the second year research report and oral defense.
**Please note that this is a DRAFT and continues to be optimized by the Chem Bio faculty.

  • Written Research Report Deadline: turned in to thesis advisor and Kat Myhre on or before January 31 of second year
  • Oral Defense: performed on or before March 31 of second year

The student should work with Kat and Kristi to secure an appropriate room for the oral defense.

The research report will be distributed by the student to the participating committee members no later than 5 p.m. CST seven (7) days prior to the scheduled defense date in both an electronic format and hard copy. Failure to meet this deadline may result in preliminary exam failure and is at the discretion of the committee. Students should also be in contact with the committee members about scheduling the oral defense date.

The student should bring three copies of the Faculty Evaluation Form (.docx) to their defense so that the faculty can provide written feedback to both the student and the thesis advsisor.