Laboratory rotations occur during the fall semester of the first year and allow students to immerse themselves in the research and climate of groups that they are interested in possibly joining. Three ~3-week rotations, with an optional fourth rotation, are assigned to students after submission of a prioritized listing of groups. Start dates for the rotations are set each fall, and roughly follow the following schedule:

  • 1st Rotation: Sept 3 - Sept 21
  • 2nd Rotation: Sept 22 - Oct 12
  • 3rd Rotation:  Oct 13 - Nov 1
  • 4th Rotation: Nov 2 - Nov 15 (Optional)


In addition to these formal rotations, students are strongly encouraged to informally visit with graduate students and faculty of groups they are interested in joining. Inquiring when the group holds regular research meetings and attending these meetings is a great way to learn more about the research and personality of a group.