Jason Bandy

Email address: jbandy@chem.wisc.edu

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Hamers Group
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Graduate Student
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B.S. 2010, University of Washington (Materials Sci/Eng)

Ph.D. 2017, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Materials Science Program)

Research Description

In my research, I am pursuing diamond as a photocatalysis for the reduction of nitrogen to ammonia, a critical, yet energy intensive step in the production of fertilizer.  Due to diamond's unique property known as negative electron affinity where the conduction band edge has a higher energy than the vacuum energy for an electron, excitation of electrons to diamond’s conduction band can lead to facile emission of electrons into water.  This results in the creation of a solvated electron, a potent reducing agent capable of performing the reduction of nitrogen to ammonia when in the presence of a proton. Since diamond has a large indirect band gap of 5.5 eV and low absorption, deep UV photons are required to excite electrons from the valence band to the conduction band.  The goal of my research is to understand the science behind this photocatalysis as well as discover ways in which lower energy photons can be used to allow diamond to emit solvated electrons.